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Alcohol self-test

Check whether you, or a loved one, has a drinking problem with our free alcohol self-test. 

Do you want to cut down or stop drinking, but can’t?

Do I drink too much alcohol?

What constitutes a ‘healthy’ relationship with alcohol? How many drinks are fine, and when is one more, one too many? The recommended maximum is 3-4 units for men, and 2-3 for women a day. However, even moderate drinking can have unwelcome side effects, and the threshold is much lower than most people think. Like any other drug, alcohol can become addictive. 

What are the warning signs of problem drinking?

Ask yourself how important drinking has become for you. Can you no longer imagine life without alcohol? Is it a ‘must’ to have alcohol in the house? Has having that next drink become an obsession? Here are some of the typical warning signs to look out for if you are worried about your drinking, or that of a loved one.

1.    You cannot cut down or stop

You spend more and more time drinking, obtaining drink or recovering. In order to get the same effect you have to drink more. You may have cravings for alcoholic drinks. Perhaps you have tried to stop drinking but could not. If you develop withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop, this is another warning sign that it is time to seek professional help. 

“I started drinking when I was very young. Gradually, I started to drink more and more. It's all so very pleasant at first. I drank for forty years. I think the first twenty years were fairly enjoyable. But at a certain point, you go too far. In the end, I felt it myself when I reached that point... when I knew I couldn't go back. I'd gone so far that it was over, there was no return.” Ted

2.    You are hiding your drinking

Perhaps you have started drinking alone. If you are hiding your drinking from friends and loved ones, are you also hiding the problem from yourself?

“I got up very late. Then I started looking forward to - about four o'clock. Then it was about time to get my first drink… My only activity, which I was really very good at, was cooking. Because in my kitchen I had organized a number of very brilliant places where I could always find something, or hide something. And I always invented dishes that took a long time to prepare, so I could stay in the kitchen until I relaxed a bit.” Toos

3.    Your drinking is having a negative impact on your life

You cannot keep up at work, at home or for your studies because of your drinking. It is starting to interfere with personal and professional relationships. Perhaps you continue to drink, even though it is putting you or others in danger.

“Later on, I also started to withdraw very much. I didn't go to birthdays or receptions anymore. I got lonelier all the time.” Toos

“All your relationships fail… You see your career getting bogged down. Physically, you're not in great shape either.” Ben

4.    Your drinking is affecting your health 

Abusing alcohol can seriously affect your health – on a physical and psychological level. One early warning sign is sleeping badly. Nearly 60% of alcoholics suffer from insomnia. The graphic below provides an overview of the possible long-term effects of alcohol. 

Long term effects alcohol

5.    Your family and friends are concerned

If your loved ones are concerned that your drinking is getting out of control, it may well be time to listen. If you have developed an addiction to alcohol, you will usually be the last person to realise there is a problem. Find out more about the signs and effects of alcoholism.

Stop drinking with Triora

If the results of our self-test were that your consumption of alcohol is qualified as problem use or substance use disorder, please contact us as soon as possible to find out about Triora’s effective treatment. We can help you get back in control and regain a meaningful life. Most people with alcohol dependency cannot stop drinking without professional addiction care.