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Check your level of use with our cocaine self-test

Cocaine self-test

Do you want to cut down or stop taking Substances but can’t?

Am I addicted to cocaine? 

Cocaine is a dangerous drug because it is extremely addictive. Taking cocaine carries serious health risks and can even be life-threatening. Find out if you, or a loved one, need help to stop cocaine. Take our free cocaine self-test or contact us today. 

What are the warning signs of cocaine addiction?

1.    You cannot cut down or stop

You spend more and more time thinking about, obtaining or taking cocaine. You have cravings for cocaine and find you have to take more to get the same high. Perhaps you have tried to stop taking cocaine but could not. If you develop cocaine withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop with cocaine, this is another warning sign that you may need professional help. 

“He told me: You have to stop, you're using too much. You're losing control, you really should stop... but I couldn't… I started using again. I wanted more… My big mistake was thinking I knew it all already. But I still wasn't clean... It confronted me with myself... because I had to admit I couldn't handle it.” Wijntje.

2.    Taking cocaine is having a negative impact on your life

You may experience financial problems due to your use of cocaine. Perhaps taking cocaine is affecting personal or professional relationships, or you are becoming socially isolated. It may be that you continue to take cocaine even though it is putting you or others at risk.

“In the beginning, I could afford my addiction, my stuff. Later on I couldn't. I was bankrupt, the money was gone. I had to do something to get money anyway. To keep using. And these things are simply unpleasant.” Chris

3.    You are doing things you would not normally do

You may be going to places you would otherwise never go, or mixing with people you would never normally come into contact with in order to source your habit. 

“At some point I was even so degenerate that, at the same time as breaking into my parents’ house and stealing things, I saw the car keys and thought, ‘Wow, I am actually a nice guy as I could have stolen the car, as well.’ If you are thinking in that way, you are really messed up.” Michel Odufré

4.    Taking cocaine is affecting your health 

Cocaine use can lead to regular nosebleeds and sinus problems. Insatiable hunger or failing to eat properly, and sleeping badly or too much, are also an indication that cocaine is affecting your health. 

More seriously, long-term cocaine abuse can lead to depression, anxiety and paranoia. 
Possible physical side effects include an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, which can be triggered by an overdose. Find out more about cocaine addiction symptoms and side effects.

Side effects of cocaine

5.    Your family and friends are concerned

If you are lying or misleading friends or family about how much cocaine you are taking this is another warning sign. If they are concerned that your cocaine habit has got out of control, it may well be time to listen and to take action. If you have developed cocaine dependence, you will usually be the last person to admit it.

“I’d been in denial for a very long time… I slept on a boat myself, and wandered the streets as well. But I wasn't an addict. I had problems, but I wasn't an addict. Breaking through this denial was a long process.” Chris

Stop cocaine with Triora

If the results of our self-test are that your cocaine use is qualified as problem use or substance use disorder, contact us as soon as possible to find out about Triora’s effective cocaine addiction treatment. Most people with cocaine dependency cannot stop with cocaine without professional addiction help.