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Gaming self-test

Check whether you, or a loved one, has a gaming problem with our free gaming self test. 

Do you sometimes hide your gaming / internet behaviour?

Am I addicted to video games or social media?

In today’s world it seems we’re all expected to be online and available 24 hours a day. We’re messaging, tweeting, and posting to an increasing range of social channels – from Facebook to Twitter, and Snapchat to Instagram. Video games are becoming increasingly complex and fascinating, with new possibilities to build relationships and play online with others on a variety of devices from desktop to laptop, tablet and smartphone. The virtual world is increasingly present in all aspects of our lives – and it’s very alluring. So when does playing the latest multiplayer video game, or being active on social media and online, turn into an addiction?

What are the warning signs of a gaming addiction?

1. You are hiding your gaming / online behaviour

Are you, or a loved one, hiding the amount of time you’re spending online whether playing the latest multiplayer video game online or posting to social media? If the excessive time you are spending gaming or online are becoming too hard to hide, then it could well be time to ask for help.

2. You are playing games / staying online longer than you want or plan

Spending a lot of time playing video games doesn’t necessarily mean you’re addicted. The question is, can you control your gaming or online activity? If you find that you are playing for increasingly long periods of time, and for longer than you want, then it may well be time to seriously consider asking for professional advice.

3. You are gaming to escape real-life problems

In a virtual game where you assume another identity, it can be easy to leave behind problems back at school, work or with your family. In this virtual reality a whole new world opens up which can become more appealing and rewarding than the trials and challenges of everyday life. If you notice you want to game or go online more often to avoid studies or real-world responsibilities, going to your job or socialising, then it may be a sign you are developing a serious problem. Playing video games may seem harmless, but it can have serious long-term effects and even ruin lives.

4. You are losing sleep because you’re up late at night gaming or online

Perhaps you’re so involved in the game that the hours fly by and you suddenly realise you’ve been up all night and haven’t slept. If this turns into a regular pattern that starts to affect your health and daily life then don’t delay asking for gaming addiction advice.

5. You cannot stop and when you try you feel worse

Video gaming and internet addiction are behavioural addictions, which can have similar symptoms to addictions to alcohol or drugs, and can be just as serious. Withdrawal symptoms include feelings of restlessness, irritability and moodiness and even depression.

Stop video gaming and excessive internet use with Triora

If the results of our self-test are that you have a gaming or internet addiction, please contact us as soon as possible to find out about Triora’s effective treatment for video gaming and internet addiction. We can help you get back in control and lead a fulfilling and rewarding life. Overcoming these problems may be very challenging without professional gaming or internet addiction care.