Gaming self test

Do you sometimes hide your gaming / internet behaviour?

Am I addicted to gaming? 

Do you spend a significant amount of time at your computer playing video games or surfing? Are you neglecting your work or studies as a result, to the extent that this is harming yourself, friends or family?

Then it is highly likely that you have an internet or video game addiction. Gaming addiction is often accompanied by the use of alcohol, drugs, energy drinks, smoking tobacco and cannabis. 

What are the causes of a gaming addiction?

In positive situations, our bodies produce substances called endorphins, which produce a feeling of wellbeing. This is what also happens when playing video games. Some people continue playing addictive games for longer periods and more often, to feel better about themselves or to escape from the stresses of life. Over the longer term, this can become addictive behaviour. People with an addiction to video games spend a large part of their time playing these games.

As with gambling, the body gets used to the fact that large quantities of endorphins are generated. This can go so far, that stopping leads to serious physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms – comparable to an addiction to drugs. Other existing addictions such as alcohol or drugs can also lead to a video game addiction.

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