Substances self test

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What substance do you take?

Am I addicted to substances? 

Do you think you or someone you know are addicted to substances such as cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, heroine, sedatives, inhalants? 

Signs of substance addiction include:

  • You cannot cut down or stop
  • It's negatively impacting other areas of your life
  • You are doing things you wouldn't normally do
  • It's affecting your health
  • Your friends and family are concerned.

Risk factors associated with problem drug use

  • Individual characteristics - including genetic, metabolic and personality
  • Disrupted / disfunctional upbringing / family
  • Low socioeconomic status / social marginalisation / unemployment
  • Other social and psychological problems - early school difficulties, low self-esteem, depression
  • Early age of first use - especially in conjuction with other school problems
  • Repeated exposure to drug availability - especially in vulnerable groups with other risks factors
  • Lack of clear and relevant information on health risks

Stop substance addiction with Triora

If the results of our self-test are that you may have a substance addition, contact us as soon as possible to find out about Triora’s effective addiction treatments. You don't have to try to solve it alone.

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