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This summer we want to help you to regain a meaningful life. That's why we have improved our rates to make them more flexible and affordable for everyone.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our addiction treatment programmes - whether for yourself or a loved one - or to arrange a free initial consultation. 

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How can I arrange a free consultation?

Your first Triora consultation is free of charge and completely non-binding. During this consultation, we discuss your personal needs and the options open to you. Subsequently we determine if one of our addiction recovery programmes is right for you, and if outpatient or residential treatment is the best option. The consultation can be held at one of our private clinics in Spain or via secure videoconference.


What happens next?

  • 1. Confirmation of receipt is sent to your email.
  • 2. We will call you as soon as possible to advise you regarding our treatment options.
  • 3. You can attend an admission assessment with our professional rehabilitation counsellors at our private clinic, or via secure videoconferencing.
  • 4. In most cases, treatment at Triora’s recovery clinic can start immediately.