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Our commitment with our community

Triora Prevention

In Triora we are part of the community where we live in, we feel that we are part of something bigger than us, therefore we have a commitment with our environment.

That’s why we invest part of our resources in education and prevention in addiction care, especially with young population and their families. Because being informed is key to make good decisions, and one decision can change the course of a life.

Prevention talks for schools and other centres

Adolescence is a critical stage in the growth of a person, where prevention is key. We need to inform our kids about what is and what are the consequences of abusing of alcohol and other substances such as cocaine or cannabis. But not only substances, also is very important to prevent in addictive behaviours, such as gambling or addiction to videogames and technologies.

Our medical team: psychologists, nurses and therapists makes an excellent prevention task in educational centres, focused on Secondary and High School students, since it is at this age when young people have their first contact with substances.

We must not forget that at these ages is when the brain is forming, and drugs modify the  structure of the brain, making young people more vulnerable to addiction or other serious problems.

In addition to this, our professional team, with more than 10 years of experience in addiction care, also extends prevention talks for all types of groups: associations, companies, groups ... explaining what is the disease of addiction, what can we do to identify it, what are the signs to consider and how we can help a loved one.

We take no profit of this activity, as we believe that prevention is the beginning of a proper education and together we can avoid possible addiction problems in the future.

Sofía Cristo prevents on your center

Sofía Cristo is a Spanish celebrity, she is DJ and music producer for 18 years, an addict rehabilitated for almost 7 years and a Triora group PR collaborator. Through his personal experience, she explains to young people what drugs are, what their effects are in the short and long term, and helps to break myths about these types of substances.

Thanks to her brave testimony, Sofía immediately connects with teenagers, who listen firsthand to a real, truthful and clear-cut experience about what it is to suffer an addiction, all the stages of the desease, and how, with effort and determination, a person can get out of this terrible situation and regain a meaningful life.

If you want Sofía Cristo or any of our  specialists to go to your educational centre or collective center, please, contact us.

Prevention workshops for specialists in addiction care

For seven years now, Triora MonteAlminara, in collaboration with the Andalusian Youth Institute, has been organizing the Youth Awareness Days against Addictions. A networking session between professionals, patients and relatives where to discuss and share experiences and the latest in addiction care. We are already working on the eighth edition for 2020 and the First Conference organized by Triora Alicante this year.

Please, find below the last edition summary video.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our program is flexible and customizable according to the needs of each center or group. Together we can make the difference.


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“Addiction is more than just stopping using and sustaining these efforts, it is about finding your core again, discovering your own existence. This is what I did and that is what it is all about. Just going deeper.”

- Michel Odufré

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“The clinic was a very good experience, I have fond memories of it… I liked the fact that my normal behaviour was given a reset. Because my behaviour had become twisted out of shape. That needed to be corrected.”

- Ben

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