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Video of our clinic


Hello, I am Joaquin Descals. I’m the consultant psychiatrist and Head of Department at the Triora Clinic. At Triora we are specialised in addiction care. We treat all kinds of addiction problems. Those related with substances and other behavioural addictions like for instance gaming and gambling. The clinic is in Alicante, which is famous for its healthy climate. We are situated in a quiet and beautiful environment with modern facilities. We use our own methodology which has been successfully developed in The Netherlands for more than a decade. The treatment has three pillars: body, mind and soul. We offer group and individual sessions. Triora has two programmes, inpatient and outpatient. The inpatient programme has shown the best results.


Hello, my name is Dusty and I am one of the nurses here at Triora. I am involved in all of the group sessions, either as a co‐therapist along with a psychologist or alone, as for example in relapse prevention work. I find working with the spiritual counsellor is particular rewarding. Helping people to understand the steps they need to take towards recovery. Many patients have commented on the fact that several members of staff at Triora have experience of addiction, either personally or as a relative of someone suffering from an addiction, has helped them to see that a positive, happy, meaningful life is possible.


Hi! My name is Ruben. I am a sports coach.
Exercise is an important way to acquire a healthy life. We plan activities like walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, Pilates and yoga. We help to get people their lives back.
Different researches show that with exercise we improve health and quality of life. We also check progress by controlling and monitoring. We take measurements and elaborate weekly reports.



Hi I am Desiree, I am a nurse therapist.
Working with the patient’s family is also very important. Because addiction doesn’t only affect the patient, but also the whole family and his social circle. For that reason we also work closely with the patient’s family. This is one of our 22 single rooms. They have internet access, tv, private bathroom, tea‐ and coffee‐making facilities and, of course, we offer a laundry service for all of our patients. In between our extensive treatment sessions, this is a place to relax, to study and of course to sleep.


Hi! My name is Odiel Morales and I am the chef at Triora Alicante.
We think it is very important for the patient’s recovery to have a healthy and attractive diet. We put a lot of attention into our meals because those are the moments to enjoy and relax. I need to get to know the patients to make sure they get a personalised diet, so I ask them about their habits and possible allergies.

Our team will help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life.