A meaningful life

Michel Odufré looks back on Triora’s recent transformation

"Triora has put a turbulent period behind it. Over the last one and a half years the clinic in the Netherlands has moved to a new location at Ockenrode, introduced a new timetable of alternating services, and has seen several new colleagues join its staff, in addition to a rebranding.

Speaking from his new home at the entrance to the Triora clinic, Michel Odufré, Director and Co-creator of the Triora Model, looks back at the recent changes."

What does the new Triora brand encompass?

"We worked together with a reputable communications agency. The name Triora not only rolls off the tongue, but also means three times gold, which can be linked to body, mind and soul, or serenity, courage and wisdom. To change everything was quite a job – the website, letterhead, everything had to be adjusted.  The whole look and feel of the clinic and image of our staff plays a role in this – we looked at everything from colour schemes, to clothing and customer friendliness, in order to ensure that everything breathes the Triora style."

A meaningful life

Why did Triora choose “A meaningful life” as its slogan?

"The Triora Model is a treatment, change and management model. It must be visible and tangible everywhere. It not only affects the experience of our patients but also that of our employees. It was in this context that the slogan “A meaningful life” was conceived, which expresses what Triora stands for. The treatment goes much further than quitting and learning new skills. It’s about body, mind and soul which reflects a person’s essence. Meaning plays an important role in this respect.

  • Why should I stop using?
  • Why am I here?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What is good for me?
  • What makes me want to live?

You have to reinvent yourself so that you don’t go back to square one. Your own essence has to blossom again, just as plants and trees come to life and flowers bloom. There’s incredible beauty in the people who are being treated here."

Are you happy with the new clinic and changes?

"I’m really pleased with the new clinic and all the changes - including the expansion of Triora overseas. In addition to our clinic in Alicante, there will also soon be a Triora clinic in Andalucía. These are private clinics where Spanish and English native speakers can be treated. Our mission is to help as many people as possible, and introduce them to the Triora Model. The growth opportunities in the Netherlands are limited. We are now also setting up an outpatient clinic in London where patients for our Spanish clinics can come for an intake interview. Eventually, we also aim to welcome English patients to The Hague, but that is still for the future."

Triora Treatment

The Triora Model

How do you safeguard Triora’s core values?

"For me personally, many dreams have come true. It’s important to free up time and space to monitor and discuss Triora’s core values. With all the developments and commotion, there is always the risk that you revert to a regular clinic where the Triora Model’s added value gets lost. A lot of time has been invested in the structure and practical implementation, but ultimately, it’s all about the treatment. As employees, therefore, we have to consciously maintain the core values, for example through peer coaching, where we get together with colleagues to consider them. In the Netherlands, we are now working to protect what we have achieved. Abroad, we are busy training colleagues in the Triora Model, so they can also follow Triora’s values."

Triora Model

Triora’s addiction care is one of the most successful ways to overcome addiction. Using the unique Triora Model, we treat body, mind and soul to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. Our professional staff provide discrete inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to people like you from the pleasant surroundings of our private recovery clinics in Alicante and Malaga, Spain.

Triora Model
  • 97% of former patients recommend us
  • High long-term recovery rate
  • 8 weeks to regain a meaningful life