Triora becomes a safe space at Christmas

Special Reinforcement Week at Christmas​

Christmas becomes, for people who suffer from an active addiction or are recovered, in a time of high risk to increase the use of substances normally consumed and, of course, to suffer a relapse.

We start almost a month before with business lunches and dinners and family celebrations where alcohol and other drugs are usually very present. And not only do we talk about substances, the direct stimuli for behavioral addictions also increase: compulsive shopping, gambling such as National Lottery, on line bets...

For this reason, some people need to be away from these social situations that favor these consumptions, since they are in a situation of extreme vulnerability. That’s why in Triora we offer, from December 23 to January 6, a safe space for all those who feel they need to get away from these impulses and avoid relapses. A reinforcement week in Málaga and Alicante clinics.

The Christmas atmosphere and the excitement of the people around you on these important dates make feelings of low self-esteem appear. Moreover, a great feeling of loneliness can arise, seeing how the rest of the people are happy and one feels compelled to be too.

These circumstances do not help, therefore, the recovery and social insertion for those suffering from this disease. It is common for them to see their psychic and emotional stability altered when they encounter moments of tension and personal conflicts caused by the presence of risk factors for relapse over a prolonged period of time.

Special Reinforcement Week at Christmas​

Tips to face Christmas with an addiction problem

The most important thing when facing the Christmas period when you have an addiction to alcohol or other substances such as cannabis or cocaine is to be prepared and identify in advance the feelings and moments that are going to be lived. In this period, in which family and friends usually get together to celebrate, comments can be made that will make the person with the addiction problem uncomfortable, especially if nobody knows that he or she is suffering from this problem.

These are some of our recommendations:

  • Be prepared for the Christmas period.
  • Try to anticipate the negative feelings that are going to be experienced.
  • Talk to family and friends to explain openly the problem of addiction.
  • Avoid scenarios in which addiction can be done with control.

If you are not able to do all of this, ask for help before Christmas arrives to start a treatment for addiction in a clinic, or go to a center during Christmas to avoid temptations and possible relapses.

In these cases, it is not recommended to wait for the New Year to seek professional help since the problem of substance use increases at this time, with the consequent physical and psychological risks involved.

If you think this is your case or you know someone in this situation, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you. You are the best gift this Christmas.

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