Triora warns of the addictive effect of abusive alcohol consumption

Triora warns of the addictive effect of abusive alcohol consumption

On the occasion of World No Alcohol Day (Nov. 15th).

13 November 2018 - Triora Group - clinics specialised in addictions – gives warning of the high risk of developing an addiction and the consequences for health that abusive drinking patterns bring.

In 2016, a total of 7,327 people died from alcohol-specific causes in the UK, which equates to a rate of 11.7 deaths per 100,000 of the population, according to the Office for National Statics.

Worldwide, alcohol kills more than three million people annually, according to the World Health Organization. The international comparison tables show an average consumption of alcohol (litres of pure alcohol per capita, age 15+) in the UK in 2015 of 10.66 litres – higher than the average in both Norway (5.97) and New Zealand (8.7) and highest out of all the countries reported in 2015.

Joaquín Descals - psychiatrist and medical director of Triora Uk, whose clinic is located in Alicante (Spain)-, draws attention to the fact that abusive consumption of alcohol is one of the biggest risk factors in premature deaths due to accidents, self-harm and episodes of violence. It is also the origin of many diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis, heart attack, stroke and pancreatitis, as well as other types of physical and mental disorders.

Dr. Descals also points out that alcoholism is usually diagnosed late, due to the high degree of permissiveness towards alcohol use and a low sense of risk. For these reasons, Triora UK recommends that those who may be affected by excessive drinking visit their General Practitioner to check their health status and, if their drinking already shows signs of addiction, to contact experts in addictions who can help them to recover.

The medical director of Triora UK stresses that is extremely important for patients beginning their recovery process to be monitored at all times since "there are stages in the treatment of people suffering from alcoholism, such as withdrawal, where medical control is essential to avoid major, life-threatening problems".

Triora also recommends that parents are careful with regard to their children’s access to alcohol, since the average age of onset of drinking is around 14 years old - an early threat and a serious problem for their health.

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Triora Group has clinics in Spain (Alicante and Malaga) and the Netherlands and specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with addictions to substances (such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, pills or alcohol), and behavioural pathologies (such as addictions to new technologies: Smartphones, Internet gaming and gambling).

Triora clinics have a multidisciplinary team of highly specialised professionals composed of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, educators and health assistants with a high level of professional experience in all phases of detox and rehabilitation.

Triora works with the Triora Model, a unique, holistic addiction treatment developed by Triora in the Netherlands, comprising eight elements. Triora enhances established methods in addiction care such as cognitive behaviour therapy and psychiatric treatment, with their own innovative approach to addiction recovery that involves treating body, mind and soul.

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The Triora Group is part of Parnassia Group, the leading company in Europe in mental health with more than 185,000 patients treated in 2017 through its specialized professionals and has addiction treatment clinics in Spain and the Netherland.

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