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Dr Mouton at CCSAD and Innovations in Addiction symposium, September 7th and 9th 2019

Dr Constant Mouton European speaker at behavioral health symposium

Triora’s Dr. Constant Mouton is European speaker at Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD)  and is presenting on: ‘’When You Can’t Keep Your Eye on The Ball: ADHD, Addiction, and Not Losing Sight of The Bigger Picture’’, Saturday, September 7th. After presenting at the CCSAD he will also be presenting at Newport University during a symposium on “Innovations in Addiction Treatment: A Clinical and Holistic Approach to Individual and Family Care”, Monday, September 9th. 

Dr Constant Mouton is presenting at the events on ADHD and addiction. People with ADHD have a two to three times higher risk of developing substance use disorder. Twenty to forty percent of adults with ADHD have a history of substance use disorders. In a group of patients admitted for addiction treatment, 15%-25% will have ADHD, often still undiagnosed. Failure to diagnose and treat people with ADHD put them at risk of developing additional mental, physical and psychosocial problems. What is the actual addiction potential of prescription medicines? How does ADHD affect addiction and vice versa? What are the psychological implications on the patients and the family? The presentation will focus on diagnosing and treating ADHD and addiction. The presentation will provide insights and practical tips on this bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual approach and outline its impact on families.

About Dr. Constant Mouton

Constant Mouton, MD, FCPsychSA is a registered psychiatrist and certified ARISE® Interventionist currently living and working in The Netherlands. Holding a fellowship at the colleges of Psychiatry of South Africa (FCPsychSA) and a Dutch registration as a psychiatrist at the KNMG, he is the Medical Director at Triora Recovery Centres in the Netherlands and Spain. He is also the Director of ARISE® Consulting, Europe. Dr. Mouton trained as a medical doctor and (neuro)psychiatrist in South Africa where he gained valuable experience in working cross-culturally. 

About CCASD and the Innovations in Addiction symposium

CCASD is a four-day event dedicated to continuing education and networking in the field of addictions, draws hundreds of regional, national, and international participants, lecturers and faculty hosted by C4 Recovery Foundation (C4). C4 is an organization dedicated to promoting the design, provision, and monitoring of outcomes-based addiction services and providing platforms to integrate varied academic disciplines and professional activities within the fields of addiction and behavioral health. It is the 32nd edition of CCASD. CCSAD combines workshops and seminars on timely industry topics with an unmatched showcase of the industry’s products and services.

Newport Hospital, the Gruben Charitable Foundation and Salve Regina University present a free, one-day behavioral health symposium. Experts will share evidence-based knowledge for attendees to put into practice. They will address the topics of addiction, parenting, ADHD, and a multi-generational, cross-cultural approach to trauma, resilience, and healing.

More information, tickets and registration via the website of CCSAD and the website of the university.

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Innovations in Addiction Treatment symposium

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