Triora's first bi-monthly Newsletter

Newsletter Triora May 2017

In our first bi-monthly newsletter you can read about Triora’s attendance at the International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders (iCAAD) in London; see Constant Mouton’s presentation on ‘Navigating the chaos: ADHD and Addiction’; digest Mouton’s blog on ‘Recognising ADHD throughout the lifespan’; and gain insights into the strength of e-health from Kevin Römer’s explanation of how Triora uses Karify's e-health platform.

Take a look at Triora's first bi-monthly Newsletter from May 2017.

Enjoy a photographic and narrative account of our experience at the iCAAD event, held at the delightful Royal Garden Hotel from 1-3 May. 

Learn how to recognise ADHD in adults with addiction and a systematic approach to assessment and treatment of ADHD in addiction, in Dr. Mouton’s presentation from the iCAAD conference.

Newsletter Triora May 2017

“It is only recently that ADHD is becoming recognised as a disorder seen not just in childhood, but which also occurs in adulthood and even the elderly.”  Read more in Dr. Mouton’s blog series on ADHD throughout life’s stages.

“E-health actively contributes to excellent care, as an integral part of Triora’s optimal hospitality concept.” Learn more about the added value of e-health from Triora’s Kevin Römer.

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Triora Model

Triora’s addiction care is one of the most successful ways to overcome addiction. Using the unique Triora Model, we treat body, mind and soul to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. Our professional staff provide discrete inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to people like you from the pleasant surroundings of our private recovery clinics in Alicante and Malaga, Spain.

Triora Model
  • 97% of former patients recommend us
  • High long-term recovery rate
  • 8 weeks to regain a meaningful life