A podcast by Dr Judith Landau and Constant Mouton on various topics related to addiction

Podcast by Dr Judith Landau and Dr Constant Mouton

Dr Judith Landau and Dr Constant Mouton created together with iCAAD (international conference addiction associated disorders) a podcast about ’If you want to go far, go together’’. They talk about various topics related to addiction, like: co-occuring disorders, cultural issues in addiction treatment, the essential role that family plays in treatment, and the unquestionable need for robust continuum of care. They will be sharing thoughts, opinions, stories case studies. 

Judith Landau: ‘’There are a lot of transitional family therapy tools that really help families and most of what we develop is for the family and the individuals we work with, you know maybe usefull to clinicians, but it is ultimately all the work we do, all the research we do, to help the way we work more accessible and better for the individuals and families.’’ 

Constant Mouton: ‘’So, we have been busy at Triora to do something very exciting and that is incorporating the ARISE® Model* into our current treatment model. And I just want to talk about that a little bit, we had the training two months ago and we are slowly but surely integrating into everything we do. But a very concrete thing we have done is to start following up patients in their own environment after the treatment and this has been really really exciting work to do, but also exciting to see the work that the families have done and how that translates in the recovery of the individual, the person of concern as we call it in ARISE® terms. We have really really so far great success in involving the family, involving the network and accessing their resilience and it is really been amazing the feedback that we are getting from the patients themselves, that it was such an, almost easy, transition going home, where that is usually a very scary time in treatment, just after being treated in a treatment facility, having done a lot of individual work and then al of a sudden kind of going back home and have to deal with everything and your environment hasn’t changed. So, what we have been seeing with the work we have been doing, with helping the environment adept, while the person of concern is doing therapy, actually give so far much better results, then just treating the individual alone.’’ 

Listen to the complete podcast below or via our YouTube channel. Other podcasts of professionals in the field of addiction care can also be listened via the website from iCAAD

*Incorporating the ARISE® Model is something that is currently happening in our Triora clinic in the Netherlands and that will be done in our Spanish clinics next year. Read about everything we do for families.

Podcast by Dr Judith Landau and Dr Constant Mouton

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