Triora's Dr Mouton presents on Dual Diagnosis at iCAAD Amsterdam, 27 November 2018.

Triora at iCAAD Amsterdam

Tuesdag 27 November 2018

09:30-17:30 uur Aristo Amsterdam, Teleportboulevard 100, 1043 EJ Amsterdam

Dual Diagnosis –  the expectation, not the exception

The focus of iCAAD’s one-day event in Amsterdam, ‘Dual Diagnosis –  the expectation, not the exception’, is on Dual Diagnosis and treatment by multidisciplinary teams.  An event for Clinicians, Mental, Behavioural & Emotional Health Professionals, Nurses, Interventionists & Coaches, Senior Service Managers and staff, social workers and therapists working in Mental Healthcare and addiction care.

Do we treat what we see or do we treat what we know?

During iCAAD Amsterdam, several experts will share their experience on working in addiction care and multidisciplinary teams in lectures, workshops and panel discussions.

This one-day conference focuses on a working group philosophy which will see participants and facilitators working together on a live case study that will be driven by the participants and presented by them on the process experience in identifying a convergence of skills and resources from around the Netherlands and internationally.

Dr. Constant Mouton one of the keynote speakers

Triora's psychiatrist and medical head of department Constant Mouton is one of the keynote speakers of iCAAD Amsterdam. He is presenting at the event on diagnosing and treating co-occurring conditions in addiction rehabilitation (dual diagnosis).

Dr Mouton will provide up-to date evidence-based facts around psychiatric illness and addiction. Delegate participants will gain knowledge-based skills and insights into the diagnosis and treatment options for psychiatric illness and co-occurring addiction.

About Dr Mouton

Dr Mouton is Triora Netherlands’ Psychiatrist and Medical Head of Department. He obtained his medical qualification (MBChB) from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After gaining experience in the medical field, he specialised in psychiatry at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

Dr Mouton now holds a fellowship at the colleges of Psychiatry of South Africa (FCPsychSA) and a Dutch registration as a psychiatrist at the KNMG. He is working for the Parnassia Groep for almost 10 years, whereof the last few years at Triora for the clinics in the Netherlands and Spain.

More information and tickets via the website of iCAAD.

Triora at iCAAD Amsterdam

Triora Model

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