Triora at iCAAD London 2017

Triora at iCAAD London 2017

Triora attended iCAAD (International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders) in London for the first time this year from 1-3 May. We are delighted to share with you a photographic account of our experience of the event. 

The conference was held at the delightful Royal Garden Hotel situated on Kensington High Street and overlooking Kensington Palace and Hyde Park – ideal for that early morning run or to clear the mind before a presentation or at the end of the day!

Triora was co-hosting iCAAD London, and our presence was clearly in evidence at the reception desk, where we were warmly received by the event organisers on our arrival.

Triora at iCAAD London 2017

iCAAD London was a three-day conference for professionals and interested parties in the fields of emotional, behavioural and mental health issues, including addiction. And it got off to a flourishing, heart-warming start!

Heart-warming start iCAADGrand opening hosted by Shovell

Throughout the day and into the evening, there were an impressive number of presentations (over 50) from over 60 expert presenters on a diverse range of cutting-edge topics. See Full Schedule

Presenters included professionals, non-professionals and academics, and they raised some interesting questions and facts such as:

• What are the particular challenges of celebrity culture in addiction treatment?
• Does internet addiction exist?
• How can theatre and drama therapy assist in the recovery process?

Interesting fact from Dr Neil Brener in his presentation. Shakespeare was apparently the first to introduce the word “addiction” in the play Othello.

Inspiring quote from C. G. Jung in Simon Marks’ presentation: “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Jacky PowerJacky Power figuring out the Facebook hook in her joint presentation with Dr Mark Griffiths

Dr Judith Landau gave a fascinating presentation drawing on her extensive experience building resilience in youth, families and communities. 
Family systems are clearly critical for young adults to address and overcome mental health challenges and/or addiction. Judith examined the role of the family in recovery and healing. She went on to provide useful suggestions for families, educators, consultants and treatment programmes to facilitate recovery.

Judith Landau
Dr Judith Landau, Building Resilience in Youth, Families and Communities

Triora’s Dr Constant Mouton presented the latest developments on ADHD and addiction on the Tuesday to a captive audience. 

Did you know that people with ADHD have a two to three times higher risk of developing substance use disorder? By treating both ADHD and the addiction, higher rates of recovery from addiction can be expected. 

In his presentation, Constant reviewed the latest research and explained how to recognise ADHD in adults with an addiction before going on to present a systematic approach to assessment of ADHD in addiction. 

Constant Mouton
Dr Constant Mouton, Navigating the Chaos: ADHD and Addiction 

View the SlideShare presentation or read Constant’s series of blogs published ahead of the conference.

Triora was also featured in E-Mentality and Karify’s presentation on e-health. We have recently expanded our addiction treatment abroad to Spain. The introduction of online interventions alongside our residential addiction treatment has been essential to ensuring worldwide care 24/7. 

For example, we can now provide aftercare online for former patients returning to their professional lives in a country where we are not physically present. Intake interviews can also take place via videoconferencing without a potential patient having to first travel to one of our clinics.

Catherine Koster
Catherine Koster (E-Mentality), E-health – like it or not, digital health is changing the landscape of mental health care and patient engagement

The event was of course also an excellent way to meet others working in the field of addiction treatment. 

NetworkingMichel Odufré

“ICAAD London has been such a wonderful and inspiring experience for me and I’m proud that we, as Triora, could contribute to this great event,” Michel Odufré, (pictured above left) co-creator of the Triora Model.

Kevin Römer 

“Getting connected with all these like-minded people and sharing our mutual visions and ideas was truly amazing. I’m really looking forward to the next event.” Kevin Römer, Triora Client Relations Officer, specialising in e-health provision. Read Kevin's article about the strength of e-health.

Constant Mouton

 ”Inspired by a great event, I would like to thank all my iCAAD friends for their efforts in creating a global network for expanding knowledge and sharing ideas. It was truly an honour being part of iCAAD London 2017 and I’m looking forward to this exciting journey together!” Constant Mouton, consultant psychiatrist and medical head of department.

Team Triora

Many thanks to the organisers for an excellent event. We look forward to the next iCAAD event.

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