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The prospect of starting treatment for addiction, and potentially being admitted to a clinic can be a daunting one. We are always happy to answer your questions and concerns. On this page, we provide practical information on the process for starting treatment at our private rehabilitation centres in Spain, as an inpatient or outpatient.

1.    Register with Triora

Complete the form to register with us. After we receive your completed form, confirmation of your registration is sent to the e-mail address provided. Registration is completely non-binding.

2.    Telephone consultation

After you have registered, we contact you within 24 hours (on week days) for a free orientation consultation. During this first telephone consultation, we will have an exploratory discussion, and provide further information about the treatment options open to you with Triora. This consultation can be followed up with an admission assessment.

3.    Admission assessment

The admission assessment is free and non-binding. It is preferably held in person, but can also be held online via our new secure portal on Karify. During the consultation, our medical professionals discuss your addiction and diagnosis and whether Triora is the best solution for you. We ask you to be clean and sober for the consultation. You are welcome to bring your partner or a family member.

After the consultation, Triora’s professional team assesses whether we are able to help. We then take a decision regarding a proposed course of treatment best suited to your specific needs based on our medical diagnosis and your personal preferences. We inform you of our recommendations within two days. Where we are unable to help, we can refer you to other health care providers. 

4.    Detox

You must be clean and sober before treatment commences. We provide medical supervision, since it can be dangerous to stop using alcohol or drugs suddenly. If detoxification takes place at a Triora clinic, your stay may extend beyond the standard treatment duration of 8 weeks.

5.    Treatment

In most cases, you can start the 8-week addiction recovery programme at one of Triora’s private clinics in Spain, immediately. Treatment can be provided in English or Spanish. Find out more about our approach, the Triora Model and our inpatient and outpatient treatment, including the 5 steps to recovery.

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“It was actually a relief to go to this place. There were very nice people in my group at the clinic, I have to say. They supported me very well.”

- Ted

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"For me, Triora was a turning point in my life. The programme has given me a firm foundation for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to my future steadfastly and full of expectation."

- Agnes


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Triora Model

Triora’s addiction care is one of the most successful ways to overcome addiction. Using the unique Triora Model, we treat body, mind and soul to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. Our professional staff provide discrete inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to people like you from the pleasant surroundings of our private recovery clinics in Alicante and Malaga, Spain.

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  • 97% of former patients recommend us
  • High long-term recovery rate
  • 8 weeks to regain a meaningful life