Outpatient addiction recovery at our private clinic or online

Outpatient treatment

Residential rehabilitation to recover from an addiction is not always necessary. In addition to our inpatient programme, Triora also offers outpatient addiction treatment at our private clinics in Alicante and Malaga, Spain, and/or online if you cannot attend sessions at the clinic. We offer outpatient substance abuse treatment for people with problems with alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and other drugs, as well as treatment for addictive behaviours such as gaming and gambling. 

In general, our patients are adults with an income, home and social network. Our patients are capable of self-reflection and are willing and committed to changing their lives for the better. Our outpatient programme is specially designed for 

  • people preferring secrecy
  • those with limited time, for example due to professional or personal commitments, or
  • people living far from our clinics who cannot attend (all or some of) the face-to-face sessions at our clinics.

In person

Triora offers face-to-face outpatient rehabilitation to people wishing to overcome an addiction who are living or staying temporarily in Spain. After the admission assessment, which can be held either in person or online, patients following the standard 8-week programme attend regular one-on-one sessions with a professional personal counsellor, in addition to group therapy at our private rehabilitation centres. 


With our new online portal on Karify, from June 2016, our outpatient addiction treatment can also be tailored to your individual needs and provided either entirely or partly online, through secure video-conferencing. The new portal includes treatment modules and an online library with written training materials and videos (also used for in person and inpatient programmes).

Self-help groups

All patients – whether attending our in person or online outpatient programmes – are expected to participate in self-help groups, and to complete assignments. During the self-help group meetings, you have a chance to meet others who have successfully overcome addiction. Benefiting from others’ experience and support, also once your treatment with Triora is complete, has proven to be a crucial aspect of addiction recovery.

Should I follow inpatient or outpatient care?

Which treatment programme suits you best, depends on the results of the admission assessment and your personal preferences and needs. Like our inpatient programme, our outpatient rehabilitation follows the Triora Model. All our programmes are private. 

  • Our detox programma is available to inpatients, and can also be provided to outpatients in the event that admission is not necessary.
  • Aftercare is included in the inpatient programme.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation at Triora's recovery clinics has a strong group focus, while outpatient care is entirely individual.
  • Patients following outpatient treatment at our clinics can also join evening family information sessions. 

Find out more about our approach to addiction care and what our outpatient programme includes.

Take the first step

It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that you have an addiction problem for which you need help. The fact that you are reading this means that you have that courage. Our professionally trained staff, some of whom have personal experience with addiction, are ready to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you on your personal journey to a meaningful life. 

You can also take our free online test to check your level of substance use.

Why choose Triora?

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“It is about finding your core again, discovering your own existence. This is what I did and that is what it is all about. Just going deeper.”

- Michel Odufré

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“I'm in another phase of my life now. Except that I'm completely awake, and aware of it. It’s just the best!”

- Ben

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“Being glad is not even the right term for it. It's a real feeling of happiness inside: Hey, I've made it.”

- Toos

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Triora Model

Triora’s addiction care is one of the most successful ways to overcome addiction. Using the unique Triora Model, we treat body, mind and soul to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. Our professional staff provide discrete inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to people like you from the pleasant surroundings of our private recovery clinics in Alicante and Malaga, Spain.

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  • 97% of former patients recommend us
  • High long-term recovery rate
  • 8 weeks to regain a meaningful life